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CBS Evening News (HD, New) Veteran news anchor Scott Pelley and the CBS News team report on important events and headlining developments from all across the nation and around the world.
Hawaii News Now at 6 (New) The day's major news events are examined and reported by the HAWAII NEWS NOW Evening News Team, along with the continuing stories of special interest in the...
Entertainment Tonight (HD, New, TV-PG) Actors Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson and Kevin Hart from "Central Intelligence"; a behind-the-scenes look at the remaking of "Roots"; access to "The Bachelorette."
Undercover Boss Stella & Dot (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) A CEO makes a critical mistake while learning to make one of her company's signature items, then learns an employee's feelings towards corporate management.
Hawaii Five-0 Ka Papahana Holo Pono (HD, Repeat, TV-14) The Five-0 team searches for answers after a wealthy hermit is found dead in a secluded field with almost $1 million in counterfeit cash.
« The Fortune (TV-PG, PG, **) Two con men in the early 1900s toy with the idea of killing an heiress they both have feelings for in order to gain access to her fortune.
Bigger than the Sky (TV-PG, PG-13, **+) A man's decision to audition for a small role in a local community theater's production of "Cyrano de Bergerac" wreaks havoc upon his boring life.
Charlie Bartlett (TV-14, R, ***) A troubled high school student becomes an amateur psychiatrist to his classmates, counseling them out of a bathroom stall and selling them prescription drugs.
« American Justice A Confession in Question (TV-14) A son who was jailed four years for the murder of his parents receives a second chance when new evidence points to business partners being the real murderers.
Unsolved Mysteries (HD, TV-14) Witness to a UFO sighting in England talk about their experiences; three years after a nervous breakdown, a woman abandons her car in the woods and disappears.
Snapped Melissa Stredney (TV-PG) A former professor's assistant at a prominent Ohio college shoots her fiancé in the face after he decides to call off their engagement.
Snapped Caren Pressley-Brown (TV-PG) A Warrington, Va., woman, regarded highly as a leader within her community, shocks the entire town when she is charged with conspiring to murder her ex-husband.
Hawaii News Now at 5:30 (New)
NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt (HD, New) Crucial events and developments from the United States and around the world are covered by the anchors and correspondents of the NBC News team.
Modern Family Marco Polo (HD, TV-PG) While their house is being treated for mold, the family temporarily stays at a hotel; Gloria is bothered by Manny dating an older girl.
Caught on Camera with Nick Cannon High Jinx (HD, New) Nick Cannon presents videoes which include "Close Calls," "Real or Fake," "Extreme Sports," "YouTube Stars" and "Humans are Awesome."
Dateline NBC Mystery in Big Sky Country (HD, Repeat, TV-PG) The story of Bryan Rein, a young and good-looking veterinarian who was found shot to death in his home, and how his death shook his small Montana town.
Mork & Mindy Dr. Morkenstein (TV-G) Mork takes a job as a night watchman at a museum and befriends a robot named Chuck, who has been scheduled for dismantling due to his failing circuits.
Sanford and Son Can You Chop This? (TV-PG) Lamont has just enough money to take acting school, but Fred sees a commercial for a get rich quick scheme and decides to give it a try using Lamont's funds.
Sanford and Son Greatest Show in Watts (TV-PG) A tenant at The Sanford Arms cannot pay, so he leaves Fred his pet elephant as collateral, gaining the attention of city officials.
Good Times Thelma's Young Man (TV-PG) Thelma arouses suspicion when her family realizes she has yet to introduce them to her boyfriend, but they are not at all impressed when they do.
Good Times The I.Q. Test (TV-PG) Michael, one of the smartest boys in his class, comes home with the news that he scored the lowest out of his whole class on an I.Q. test.
The Jeffersons Thomas H. Willis & Co. (TV-G) Tom plans on starting his own publishing firm; George co-signs on a loan; Louise accidentally drops her wedding ring down the sink.
« The Outsider (TV-14, NR, ***) A determined private detective finds himself as the prime suspect in a case he was hired to solve when the woman in the case ends up dead in his office.
Laramie The Stranger (TV-PG) Slim and Jess have been losing their cattle to a mysterious man who compensates them by leaving a piece of gold behind with every transaction.
Laramie Trapped (TV-PG) Slim finds a severely injured young woman, and finds out that two men have kidnapped her, when they are caught by her rancher father and his hired hands.
Walker, Texas Ranger Eyes of a Ranger (TV-14) A hopeful teenager singer finds herself being stalked by a rich kid, who is seeking to take over the distribution of heroin around Dallas.
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