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« The Amazing Race Morocc' and Roll (HD, New, TV-PG) Emotions run high for everyone when two teams accuse each other of playing dirty, and a double U-turn looms in the near future, putting everyone on edge.
Hawaii Five-0 Ho'oilina (HD, New, TV-14) McGarrett comes across a woman who offers her assistance in reopening the last case his father had left unsettled before his passing.
Blue Bloods Loose Lips (HD, New, TV-14) Jamie is victimized after helping a woman who is suffering from an abusive relationship; inconsiderate remarks made by Henry are taped and leaked to the masses.
Hawaii News Now at 10 (New) The KGMB9 Nightly News Team presents the latest look at the top news events of the day, late-breaking news stories, local weather and tomorrow's forecast.
« Disturbing Behavior (TV-14, R, **) A rebellious newcomer uncovers a sinister plot created by a high-school guidance counselor to turn troubled teenagers into perfect students.
Teaching Mrs. Tingle (TV-14, PG-13, *+) A straight-A student and her friends form a plan to get revenge on their wicked history teacher when she falsely accuses them of cheating on the final exam.
Phantoms (TV-14, R, **) A creature that enjoys the taste of human flesh stalks visitors to a deserted mountain town nestled in the Rocky Mountains. Based on the novel by Dean Koontz.
« Dateline NBC (HD, New, TV-PG) Investigative reports, breaking news stories, profiles of leading newsmakers and other features explore current events and topics of special interest.
Grimm Thanks for the Memories (HD, New, TV-14) Nick is confronted with the possibility that he could lose his status as a Grimm after the events that occurred at Monroe and Rosalee's wedding.
Constantine Non Est Asylum (HD, New, TV-14) John Constantine, a master of the occult whose soul is condemned to Hell, is forced back into demon hunting after a young woman is targeted by an evil entity.
Hawaii News Now at 10:00 (New)
Bewitched The Girl Reporter (TV-G) A young female reporter takes a romantic interest in Darrin, and the woman's jealous boyfriend tries to get even by punching Darrin in the face.
All in the Family Grandpa Blues (TV-PG) Archie tries to keep his blood pressure down in preparation for an upcoming company physical exam, but everyone is arguing about possible names for the baby.
All in the Family Gloria Suspects Mike (TV-PG) Gloria worries that Mike finds her unattractive as because of her pregnancy and her insecurities prompt her to suspect Mike is having an affair.
Diff'rent Strokes The Squealer (TV-G) Willis decides to join a street gang known as the Tarantulas, but he finds himself having to choose between telling the truth and getting arrested.
Diff'rent Strokes Small Claims Court (TV-G) Following a series of unfortunate events, Arnold and an irritated merchant are at odds with one another, so they try to settle things in small-claims court.
Sanford and Son Lamont Goes African (TV-PG) Lamont begins to embrace African culture by wearing the traditional garments, but Fred thinks that Lamont's new lifestyle is ridiculous.
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