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Big Brother (HD, New, TV-14) The Head of Household competition winner is announced, along with which of the five jurors won re-entry; the houseguest nominated for eviction is revealed.
Madam Secretary Connection Lost (HD, Repeat, TV-14) President Dalton discovers the location of Jibral Disah, the most wanted terrorist in the world, and he sends Henry, Jane and Jose to remove the threat.
BrainDead The Path to War Part Two: The Impact of Propaganda on Congressional War Votes (HD, New, TV-14) Laurel is forced to work alongside a past fling as they help Luke develop his political documentary; Laurel grows concerned about Luke and Germaine's baby.

« Wedding Daze (TV-MA, R, **+) A man is certain that he will never fall in love again after a bad breakup with the woman of his dreams, but the acceptance of a dare leads to a new adventure.
In the Heat of the Night The Hammer and the Glove (TV-PG) Detective Tibb is taken aback after evidence surrounding the recent murder of two FBI agents and a crucial witness points to a former partner from Philadelphia.
In the Heat of the Night Prisoners (TV-PG) Sweet suspects a sadistic sheriff may be guilty of police brutality after a prisoner complaining of the brutal treatment at a local jail suddenly perishes.

« No Mercy (TV-14, R, **) The search for his partner's killer leads a Chicago cop to the Louisiana bayou country and a Cajun beauty sold to the kingpin he's hunting.
Romeo Is Bleeding (TV-14, R, ***) A corrupt police officer has a dangerous encounter with a beautiful assassin after he is ordered by his mob boss to find and kill her.

The Timeline Peyton Manning's Summer School (HD) Viewers are given an exclusive look into former quarterback Peyton Manning's 2013 NFL season, where he threw 55 touchdown passes and 5,477 yards passing.
Phone Booth (TV-MA, R, ***) A man attempting to call his mistress on a pay phone becomes the target of a dangerously deranged sniper who believes in his own moral superiority.

Webster Webster Long: Part 2 Webster ends up stuck in the middle of a heated courtroom battle when Uncle Phillip follows through with his threats to take legal action.
Webster Webster Long: Part 3 After failing to secure custody of his nephew from George and Katherine, Uncle Phil neglects to tell them that he's taking Webster to Atlanta, Georgia.
Family Ties Baby Boy Doe (TV-G) Alex helps his friend Skippy deal with the fact that he is adopted and accompanies the nervous Skippy to meet his birth mother.
Family Ties The Graduate (TV-G) Alex's romance with Rachel is threatened when she is named valedictorian over him and he feels cheated out of his one true destiny.
Newhart Father Goose (TV-PG) Michael schedules a children's program as a lead-in for "Vermont Today," but when he casts the lead role, he makes a discovery about his own past.
Newhart My Husband, My Peasant (TV-PG) Social elitists Scooter Drake and his wife drop by the inn to show off their new baby, which they find to be superior to baby Steph.

Walker, Texas Ranger Rainbow's End (TV-14) A racehorse owner resorts to murder to ensure that his horse will be a winner, and partners Walker and Trivette investigate the crime.
Walker, Texas Ranger A Woman's Place (TV-14) Alex's friend finds code violations at her new construction site and is warned that the last whistle blower had a terrible accident.
Walker, Texas Ranger Mr. Justice (TV-PG) Rangers Walker and Trivette attempt to provide an opportunity of redemption for troubled youngsters with a boot camp, but a senator has other plans.
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